About Me

Hi! I’m Andrea! I’m just a mom of 4, a wife, a business owner and the Top Earner in a Direct Sales Company named Tuvous Fashion.… and just like you!

This was me and some of my Team in the previous Direct Sales company I was in. I was the Top Earner in the company. Our team had over 25,000 people in it and I made so many AMAZING friends! This opportunity changed my life forever! I learned how much Direct Sales is changing women's lives!

I left this company leaving my 6 figure income to join an even BIGGER OPPORTUNITY. I walked away from EVERYTHING. Many thought I was crazy. So many did not understand why I would leave..... but I knew there were bigger things for me. A place that I was going to be allowed to grow into the Leader I want to become. TuVous is that opportunity!!! It is becoming more than what I could have ever imagined it to be!! I am so in love with my new team. Right now we only have about 2000 Fashion Consultants and it will be SO EXCITING as we grow it bigger! I am so blessed to have had so many amazing experiences and I can't wait to have even more with my TuVous family! I would LOVE it if you joined our team!