About TuVous

In a nutshell, TuVous is the greatest and most achievable opportunity in the direct sales industry. By offering a product which everyone wants, modern and forward-thinking fashion, at a price that everyone can afford, $5-$35, sharing product with the world not only becomes easy – but fun!

TuVous comes from a combination of two French words – Tu grammatically being an informal “You”, and Vous as a formal statement of “You”. So when we are asked what TuVous is about, the answer is simple: You!
In addition to that TuVous is working hard at building a foundation where their Independent Fashion Consultants can not only share their products through Home Parties, Shows and Events, but also online; all while only carrying the inventory that they need. 
By providing affordable-quality, forward thinking fashion products, we empower both men and women with increased self-confidence, through a budget friendly experience. Every customer of a TuVous Independent Fashion Consultant feels confident about their purchase, and more confident about their style.

Retail Profit
Each Independent Fashion Consultant will have the opportunity to earn 20-55% profit (based on their personal volume) from the sale of their inventory either through parties, shows, or through their personal online shopping cart.
Top Performer Bonus
The top performer bonus is paid monthly. The criteria for achieving the top performer bonus can change from month to month based on the goals of the company. The company awards $1,000 to the top performers each month.
Unilevel Bonuses
As your team begins to grow from month to month you will be able to earn 3-10% of up to five levels within your organization!
Leadership Infinity Override
Realizing that leadership starts very early on in any home-based business, the Leadership Infinity Override starting at the early stages of your business allows you to earn a portion of 1-9% of potentially your entire organization, regardless of how many team members you may have in your network.
Premier Bonus
As you maintain important milestones or ranks for a minimum of three consecutive months you will be awarded the exclusive title of “Premier” to your rank title, and earn a one-time cash bonus ranging from $25 to $100,000!

Come be a part of something that will change your life, allow you to change the lives of others, and ultimately change the world for the better!

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