My Story

I LOVE sharing my success story! It truly is a rags to riches! God is AMAZING and Direct Sales is AMAZING!

Like so many other American families, we were struggling to make ends meet every month. Korey was making $12 an hour working in construction, while I stayed home with our three small children. Our family of five were living in a small, two-bedroom duplex, and all three of our children that were in diapers and shared a small bedroom. Times were full of stress and uncertainty. Korey worked as much overtime as he could, which made attending college impossible.
We were not surviving financially. Some bills we only paid every other month so we could afford diapers and baby needs for our small twins. We qualified for food stamps and medical assistance for our children, and even though those things were such a blessing in our time of need, I would pray daily that we would somehow find a way to change our lives. We couldn’t even have imagined at the time what God had in store for our family.
On a sunny day in March 2011, Korey was helping promote his employers booth at a Home and Garden Show in Salt Lake City, Utah. Because he was a vendor there, he was able to get free tickets for the kids and I. With not having extra money to be able to do many fun things, I bundled our children up and headed out to visit him at work. Walking up and down the aisles of the expo, I started to see signs of a new Direct Selling opportunity! I had been looking for something to change our life so I ran straight to that booth!
I officially  began Direct Sales in April 1, 2011, and our business took off at an incredible speed. In my very first month with the company I bypassed the first 3 ranks and achieved an outstanding rank — setting a record in the company. By the second month, Korey was able to quit his construction job, go back to college full time and work Direct Sales full time. By the end of summer we were able to purchase our first home. With hard work and determination we took a ground floor company to a million dollar company in its first year, to a million dollars a month in it’s second year. They were the first to achieve many of the highest ranks within the company also becoming the Top Consultants and had the largest & fastest growing team in the company.

Even though I had found success I was hurting inside of the way I had been treated. I decided to leave this company and join an amazing opportunity that had presented itself to me. This company has changed my life! In joining this amazing company I have lost 75 lbs!!!! You can read my full weight loss story!

Now I am embarking on this next leg of the journey with TuVous Fashion. I am now currently a Director Rank and Top Consultant with a team of over 2 thousand! What is so neat is that I literally got to embark on this adventure from day one of the company starting! 

Aug 1, 2014 we welcomed our fourth little Angel. Hayzlee Grace. She is our newest TuVous Model!

Direct sales is the perfect opportunity because it can change your life no matter what your background. It’s an opportunity that accepts you for who you are, weaknesses, insecurities, disabilities, or poverty, it doesn’t matter; bring it all with you and you can still succeed. It truly is freedom in all aspects. I would love to have you be part of our team or work with you to make a fun and wonderful shopping experinece for you. Let me know what I can do to help!

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