Q. What is TuVous Fashion?

A. We are the very FIRST and only direct sales company that carries fashion for Men and Women.

Q. What is TuVous mission?

Q. What products do we carry?

A. TuVous carries all different types of fashion accessories. Jewelry, hair accessories, men's fashion items, fashion hats, scarves, clothing in sizes up to 3XL and lots more!

Q. How much Commission do we make?

A. We make up to 55% commissions on everything we sell. How this works is we are more like a wholesaler. This benefits us so that the more we sell the more we make on our items. There are brackets of what % you will make for the month. Example… If you were to sign up with the $299 starter kit you would then make 30% off everything you purchased. Then let’s say you sell and you need to put in another order. This order may bump you up into the 50% bracket. The system will then reimburse you back in your paycheck for the first order and put you at 50% from that order as well. This way for the entire month you make 50% on everything that you purchase or that is ordered from your website. This starts over every month. The average consultant makes 50-55% because of how easy it is to sell. Our items are VERY wanted. People love fashion! This is only just on what you sell. This is NOT including if anyone wants to join TuVous with you. If you build a team you can % off of everything they do. Our compensation plan is one of the best in the industry!

Q. How old is the company?

A. We are 2 years old. We have had AMAZING growth and are still under 2000 consultants in the whole company. 

Q. What are the Hostess Rewards?

A. TuVous has amazing Hostess Rewards. Check out the image below.

Q. Will I have a website?

A. Yes. TuVous gives you a replicated site and that has a store with all your items to sell to your customers.

Q. Do we have to carry inventory or can we work our business all online?

 A. Our company is actually built for both. Most of us only do 30 min Facebook Parties in which we teach you everything and give you all the graphics for. Others do home parties and events. Some carry TuVous in their salons or boutiques. TuVous works great in ALL areas. This allows you to work whatever avenue fits you and your lifestyle.

Q. Does TuVous have a customer box?

A. Yes TuVous has a customer box called Le Box. It is $39.95 with free shipping. Our box has no commitment and they can cancel at anytime. They are charged on the 5th of the month and is immediately shipped out. This is a sample of what the box for August looked like. As a consultant you get your consultant discount on the box along with free shipping as well.

Q. Does TuVous have a catalog?

A. No. TuVous gets new inventory monthly that is not easy to have a catalog that would be up to date all of the time. This is what is so fun about TuVous. Our customers are always waiting to see what we have coming out next.You can easily print one off if you need one.

Q. Can you sell TuVous if you sell other items or do other direct sales companies?

A. Yes.

Q. Can I sell TuVous at flea markets etc.

A. Yes.

Q. How much is it to start?

A. We have many different starter options. We have a $49 option, $299 option and $599. The kit I HIGHLY recommend is the $299. This allows you to have product immediately to start making cash. 

Go to our Fb page to see all that comes in each starter kit.

Q: How can I join and sell TuVous Fashion?

A.  There are 2 simple ways to join TuVous Fashion and be a part of my team. 
1- Contact me and I will get you the information needed to sign you up.  (801)918.0768 or korey@teamjempro.com
2- You can click JOIN MY TEAM.  Choose your starter kit and fill out the form with your information. In case you need a sponsor ID  enter #101001. I would love to have you!

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