Sunday, March 22, 2015

Do You Have 30 Minutes???

Do you want to host a TuVous party but the thought of cleaning your home makes you sick to your stomach??I am the SAME way!!! I adore my friends and family and do NOT want to lose them over my messy house haha. This is why I absolutely LOVE our 30 minute Facebook parties. Better yet.. they are in your pajamas!!!! Yup you read that right.. your pajamas. Now who doesn't love that!?!

This is how they work.
I set up the Facebook event for you.
You personally invite your friends and family.
I post fun images that earn all of your peeps raffle tickets for FREE items.
The day of you send out reminders.
I give you EVERYTHING to post and to send to your peeps. 
You get in your pajammies ;)
The party lasts 30 min.
It's just that easy! 
Let me know if you would like to host one!

See you in your Jammies!!!

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