Monday, March 23, 2015


Katina Ann

"I just have to post this. I dont post much like being in the background, but I had a severe asthma attack yesterday, went to er that afternoon. I brought a bag just in case I would need one, I got my honeydo to go back out to the truck, he brought me the wrong bag but right place, he brought me my bag with jewerly in it while I set there taking a breathing treatment and a shot I made $75. Love TuVous!"

Jenny Allen

"Oh my gosh! TuVous is so amazing. I had a party tonight, but I have company coming so I had to go to the store. Yes! This girl right here did a 30 minute party while shopping in Target. $100 party!"

Havie Lee

"So I completely forgot that we get 10% back in product credit to use for our hostess rewards, giveaways, etc. I just emailed customer service and I have $270 in FREE TuVous!! Wowza! Can we say shopping spree for this lady?! Eeek!! I love you TuVous!!"

            Rachael Underwood                                                    

        "The success that tuvous has to offer, is more motivating than anything I have ever experienced!"

          Eboney Whiteside

                    "Run down of my 1st five Facebook Parties for March.

           MON - $420 

                            WED - (-$5) - Just hostess & I, no purchases, I gave her a gift.

         FRI - $35 
           SAT - $110 
            SUN - $110

             TOTAL: $670.00 from Facebook parties ALONE this week! When you guys join you MUST have 30 minute Facebook Parties - they have quadrupled my business!"

Tonya Avery

"I researched several companies before joining TuVous last fall. I LOVE that I have 1) several items that reach a wide customer base, 2) flexibility to choose how/when/if I sell that month, and 3) the freedom to stay home with my kiddos while still earning money through my business! Join me here if you're interested in working from home or adding another avenue of sales to your already great at home business!" 

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