Thursday, April 2, 2015

Facebook Party With Me

Want FREE Fashion Items??
How about Free Fashion Items while sitting at your laptop, phone or iPad??
Read on to find out how!!

Host your own TuVous 30 minute Facebook Party!!!

I will do your Facebook party or get you set up with one of our fabulous Team JEM Pro team members to get your party rolling! Read on to find out how our Facebook parties work.

Here is how it works

Watch my FABULOUS video HERE
  •  You pick your date and time. (we usually will have the parties at 9PM your time zone. We find we get the most attendance when children are in bed and most people are on Facebook anyway. We like to schedule the party at least 2 days in advance.
  •  I will create your event and add you as a host.
  • Your goal is to get 25-30 RSVP to the event. If you get 25 you get a ANOTHER FREE GIFT
  • You invite your friends and family to the event by first inviting them from the event by sending them a fb invite. Then you personally invite each person by sending them a personal message (NO MASS MESSAGING) I have the message already written out for you. I ask that you invite no more than 50 people to the event. This way we can keep the event small and personable just like at a home party.
  •  I will be posting images during the pre party. I ask that you comment, like and tag your friends in those posts. Help me start some fun conversations. Your friends know you and will be more likely to participate. It makes it much more fun :) I will also be posting fun ways for your friends and family to earn raffle tickets for a drawing at the end of the party.
  • Once the party starts it goes fast. I have steps that your guest follow to make it fun, fast and FABULOUS!!!
  • Your guests comment SOLD and write their email and the items they would like to purchase. Easy Peasy. I send them an invoice. I accept PayPal and Credit Cards. 
  • At the end of your party I total up your sales and you get FREE TUVOUS FASHION ITEMS OF YOUR CHOICE!!!
Its just THAT easy!!

No cleaning your house! No getting a babysitter! No putting a bra on ;)

Let's Get This Party Started WOOOOT!!!

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