Friday, April 3, 2015

TuVous Facts!

  • TuVous started June 2014. We are not even a year old yet!!
  • We have less than 250 consultants Nation Wide
  • We are NOT JUST JEWELRY or one of any kind of fashion. We are ALL TYPES of fashion
  • Men and Women's Fashion
  • Each month new items and fashion lines will be introduced 
  • NOTHING costs more than $25!!!
  • Our quality is AMAZING!!
  • We will eventually have a Youth Line
  • By joining now you are a Founding Consultant 
  • We haven't even had our first Convention yet
  • Experienced Leaders in the company 
  • Free replicated site with store
  • TuVous has auto ship and will soon have it for customers as well
  • We make up to 55% commissions!!!! That's MORE THAN ANY OTHER COMPANY!!
  • NO QUOTAS or sales to meet each month

What are you waiting for????

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