Sunday, April 12, 2015

TuVous Will Change Your Life

I hear so many people say someday... When the timing is right.... When the kids get older... When my life is more balanced... WHAT?! No just do it! Don't wait for "the right time" just do it now, because the right time won't ever come! For instance we left a company that we were Top Leaders in for another ground level opportunity. Do you think I even knew the hardship we would go though or how much I would have to step out of my comfort zone!?Heck NO!! BUT we did it and I know that this company TuVous will help thousands and thousands of people reach their dreams and change their lives. Eventually you have to just realize you have to STOP OVER THINKING, STOP TRYING TO MAKE IT PERFECT, YOU HAVE TO JUST JUMP.... You gotta just DO IT! 

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