Sunday, May 3, 2015

TuVous Leadership Retreat

Thank you Alisha for this AMAZING team sign!!!!

I can't even begin to express how AMAZING our TuVous Leadership Retreat was!!!! I have been to many Leadership Retreats and they have never been like this. They wined and dined us and taught us so much valuable information for our businesses! Being part of a company like this is unreal! They way they treat all of their consultants and how much they care about us is something you won't find in many companies!!!

This was just one of the MANY gifts they had for us! Surprises every time we turned around.

They took us to the nicest restaurants in Utah!

We had the most hilarious chauffeur named Shawn who was at our beck and call to go anywhere we wanted. We couldn't help but ham it up while we were out and about! SO many fun memories with these girls!

This is our CEO Bruce Jensen. VERY GQ! 

Not only did we get to see all of the new TuVous product lines that just came out we got to be party of the TuVous Fashion show at the corporate office!!! How amazing is this company!!!

We got to go see the TuVous warehouse and purchase whatever we wanted along with a TON of free goodies of our choice! This is us with cute Melanie who is the product designer. 

Carol Rice who is the VP of the Field 

SO many amazing memories! This is just the beginning of an EPIC year! This company is going to be HUGE!!! I can't wait to have even more of my team here with us next year! LOVE TUVOUS!!!!!

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