Monday, September 19, 2016

How I Lost 75 Pounds in One Year Without Exercise!

I have always struggled with my weight. I am the girl that has tried EVERY diet out there. I would lose 30 lbs on a low carb diet all to gain it right back the second a piece of bread hit my lips. I did HCG and lived on cucumbers haha. Everything I did I lost weight... all to gain it right back! I also have a very obsessive personality, so when I decide on a diet I go all out and will be super strict... BUT when I mess up, I MESS UP. I binge all weekend or all week. Sometimes I could binge for months just trying to get back "on" the current restricted diet I was trying to do.  I was at my tipping point when I worked in a company that made me extremely unhappy. I was bullied, hated and that made me emotionally eat even more. I made a six figure income, had a successful team but was miserable inside. You can see it in my face. These photos make me so sad. At my heaviest I weighed 270. I felt ashamed. I felt that others looked at me and thought "how can someone be so successful and so fat!" When I was at social events I would shrink. I wasn't who I was meant to be. 

I ultimately decided to walk away from all that I had accomplished. I could not handle all that was happening and I need to figure out who I was and what I wanted. In this process I found my "home". I had the opportunity to meet some of the most amazing people who owned a company in the field that I was extremely good at. I was terrified to meet them in fear that they too would not like me. I was wrong. The second I met them I knew THIS was my place! THIS was going to be the place I found me! TuVous is a company that is about being the "True You". They embrace everything about you. They actually WANT you to be who you are. In this space it allowed me to stretch my wings. To realize how special and unique I am. How I DESERVE not only to be successful but loved. I was free to now love myself and to take care of myself. 

I decided NO MORE diets for me. If I cannot live this day to day FOREVER I could not even start it. If I could not exercise 3 hours a day for the rest of my life then it wasn't for me. I had to figure out exactly what was going to work for ME and my BODY. That is exactly what I did. I had 4 children all under the ages of 10, a full time successful business and any extra time I wanted it to be with my family. I also LOVE food haha. If I am told that I cannot have something, then that is ALL I want. People are shocked when they ask me how I lost weight. I did not exercise and I eat chocolate, diet coke and normal food every day. 

1. Monthly Success   

I think we so badly want the weight off that we are willing to be so super extreme to lose 10 lbs in one week. Which is mostly water... so when you eat a normal meal you are up 12 again haha. I decided that I did not care how long it was going to take me. I was going to make this a life style. I did not want to lose a bunch of weight just to put it all back on. With accepting it was going to take some time I knew that losing 10 lbs in one week was most likely NOT going to happen. I had to be happy with 1 or 2 lbs and sometimes zero. I stopped looking at my weightloss weekly and instead looked at it by month. I still weighed every week or sometimes every other day but I watched my progress by months. Even though some months I had only lost 4 lbs.. it was 4 more gone and that made me excited. 

2. Skip Lunch 

I realized that it is truly all about calories in, calories out. Since I was going to make this work for my life I decided to look at my daily activities and when I like to snack and eat. I realized that I am not very hungry in the morning, I am busy during the day with kids and work so by late afternoon and evening is when I am thinking more about food. This is when lot's may disagree with how I do things haha... but it works! I eat a small breakfast, skip lunch and then basically eat whatever I want for dinner. This allowed me to make anything that sounded good. It also allowed me to have a treat if I wanted it. I stopped listening to everyone and THIER advise on what I should be doing for my body. Eat 6 meals a day. Don't eat late at night.... NAH, I did what felt right for me and it worked. The key here is knowing how to plan your two meals of the day. I don't eat before 10 am and we usually will eat dinner around 5 pm. This helps me not get too hungry.

3. Keep Your Mouth Busy

 I am an oral fixated person. I like to munch or snack... I bite my nails or chew on my cheeks if I'm not keeping my mouth busy. To help this I drink a lot! I love cold water but I also LOVE Diet Coke haha.. ya, ya, some tell me it's bad for me. They are usually the ones who have their own nasty habit of smoking or Taco Bell at 1 AM every night haha. I will go and get a BIG Diet Coke with lot's of lime and sip on that. I also love Vitamin Water Zero. I will stick that in the freezer until its slushy like. This helps me keep my mouth busy, my tummy occupied and really hydrated ;) 

4. Protein 

I try to eat A TON of protein. When I think I have had a good amount I will eat more haha. I will eat greek yogurt for breakfast and if I do have a snack it will be beef jerky. It's not that I eat low carb, but protein really helps with losing weight. When I stay focused on eating more protein I don't notice the bag of chips as much. 

5. Cheat Days

To keep my metabolism guessing I would have a day or a few days when I would just let loose haha. This also was amazing for me emotionally. To remind myself that ya I can eat 3 pieces of pizza sometimes and still look amazing. The key is to not always do the exact same thing so your body does not get used to it. I always noticed that if I had a few days where I was on vacation and ate what I wanted and enjoyed, I would actually drop a few more pounds once I got back to eating the way I normally do.

6. Move More

Now I did not exercise and I still don't. BUT... I do try to be conscious of moving more. I park further away at the grocery store. I will jump on the trampoline sometimes with my kids. If I am feeling stressed I will go on a walk with my husband in the evenings. I focus more on finding activities that actually de-stress me. I recently just bough a cruiser to ride around on. NOT for exercise but because I fell in love with riding one in San Diego over the Summer. The back tire was actually making it harder for me to pedal and I told my husband "look I did not buy this to get fit... I bought this to enjoy riding outside. If it feels like exercise I don't want to do it!" HAHA! Try to find small ways to just move more. Taking the stairs or a small walk. It's good for the soul ;) Here is More on why I choose not to exercise for weight loss

**Before you start this, be sure to talk to your physician first. If you’re struggling with any sort of medical condition, or you’re not sure that this would be good for your body type, then it’s wise to discuss this method with them.