Sunday, April 19, 2015

The TuVous Difference

So what is the difference between TuVous and other direct selling companies??  I'll tell you!

  •   It appeals to every age of females but we also carry products for men! There is jewelry and accessories for little girls, tweens, teens, young adults, adults, professionals, moms, grandmas and any other female! We have ties and fun socks for men and boys!!
  •  The product is NOT over priced! 
  • We appeal to MEN and Women!!
  •   People of all socio-economic status can afford to buy this.   The "wealthy" can just afford to buy more of it.
  •  The product is always keeping up with the trends. New jewelry and accessories come in every month! 
  •   Impulse buying at its best!
  •  Repeat customers are created.  With every new outfit, gift given or other occasion, customers come back and want more.
  •  People are excited to come to these parties AND they invite their friends!
  •   People ask to host parties!!!!  Many want to become consultants!
  • We make an easy 55% commission on everything we sell!!! More than any other company out there!

TuVous is AMAZING!! We would LOVE to have you be part of our TuVous family!!!

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