Thursday, September 22, 2016

Why I Choose NOT to Exercise for Weight Loss

I was always told exercise is the KEY to losing weight. I thought in order to get this fat off my body I needed to spend a lot of time at the gym or outside running. I will admit that I many times became VERY obsessive with the gym. There was a time I would drag all 3 of my children twice a day to the gym daycare so I could do multiple classes a day. I would do aerobics, pump classes, dance classes and combat classes. If I missed a day I would obsess that I missed a day. Oh no.. my body will lose muscle... I will gain a pound now that I can't work out this weekend. But.. how attainable is this life style?? I found out real quick that my life could not forever revolve around the gym or how much weight I could lift. I also noticed that I did not drop weight fast... it did come off slowly. But I was ALWAYS hungry. I also allowed myself to indulge BECAUSE I worked out so hard. I was also always sore... and I am not the type of person who likes to hurt haha.

I realized that when you exercise it can make you justify that you can eat more. THIS IS NOT TRUE!!! It also does make you hungrier!!! When I set out to lose this time around I decided exercise was not going to be the way I do it. It is calories in and calories out! I simply ate less! Now I still had what I wanted.. but not TONS in one sitting. I have sugar daily. I have my favorite treats that I eat daily. I drink diet coke, I eat bread, I eat NORMAL foods every day! Now I did try to be active in my life. I work from home but I have 4 busy kiddos. I would park farther in the parking lot at the grocery store. Ill jump on the tramp with my kids. I'll take walks with my husband. I do not get up daily thinking of exercising though. I do know that as I have gotten thinner I like being more active. I actually WANT to be outside. I actually like Summer now. I think this naturally changes when you love more of who you are and are comfortable in your body.

Here is the thing. You can work out like crazy and never lose a pound. You can NOT work out, cut back on your food intake and lose 75 pounds like me. It has 80% to do with the food you put in and 20% to do with working out. If you love to exercise than remember to keep on track of not overeating. Here is my full weight loss story.

**Before you start this, be sure to talk to your physician first. If you’re struggling with any sort of medical condition, or you’re not sure that this would be good for your body type, then it’s wise to discuss this method with them.

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